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I'm Lauren - an Italian American living in Florence, Italy. I love vintage and antique clothing and jewellery and express myself through my colorful, unique, and curated sense of style. Since I was a small girl, I have always had a passion for fashion and history, and when I was gifted a set of books on costume history for my 13th birthday my passion for the subject grew until I entered university as a fashion design student. My love for history and research later led me to switch my focus to art history, which brought me to Florence where I studied for three semesters before graduating and remaining in Italy as a full-time resident. I am now in the final year of earning my master's degree in Library and Information Science specializing in Cultural Heritage Informatics which includes museums, archives, and special collections. I have a stylish shell with an academic heart and love researching and reading publications dedicated to a wide range of fashion history subjects. I hope to one day move on to work in fashion archives, costume museums, or in researching for and managing the costume collections of film studios.

Looking for a way to marry my love for  fashion history with my current studies in Cultural Heritage Informatics, the Re-styled project was born! Re-styled is a digital vintage and antique clothing and jewelry archive, fashion history blog, and styling gallery where you can find pieces from my personal collection as well as those for sale on my Instagram and Depop page. I am dedicated to preserving artifacts and educating on the subject of fashion history while curating collections of vintage clothing styled with contemporary touches to bring vintage pieces into the modern era. In the re-styled archive you will find detailed photographs of jewelry and clothing pieces from the 1920s to present. In addition to the private collection you can find selected articles for sale on our instagram and depop!I believe that resale fashion - contemporary or vintage - is the fashion of the future where the wasteful fast-fashion industry has no place. Because looking for vintage can be a long and difficult process when you have something particular you're looking for, Re-styled offers personal shopping services for those looking for specific style pieces and is happy to collaborate with other collectors, slow-fashion designers, and artists on styling projects and research inquiries.